The Amphitheater is a public entertainment and recreation complex located at Oceanside Pier. The amphitheater is a local landmark, located right on the beach. It has permanent benches for 1,500 people and room for additional folding chairs. The Amphitheater has been used to host concerts, movies, award ceremonies, and other local events for many years. It has played host to a number of well-known musical acts, including The Black Keys and Creedence Clearwater Revisited. It also serves as the graduation venue for Oceanside High School and hosts other annual events.

Steve Hasty would like to see the Amphitheater used on a more frequent basis, like every weekend! If elected Steve will try and bring more events to the Amphitheater. His goal would be to make Oceanside a destination for inland visitors coming to the beach. Events at the Amphitheater would draw more people in to enjoy all of the things Oceanside has to offer.

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