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  1. Please describe your experience in business and how it influences your understanding of public policy. I served in the US Navy from 1990 until 2000.  I got out in 2000 because I had started a successful Entertainment Company that provided me more income than my full time Navy Position.  Upon focusing on my business full time, I expanded from 1 to 7 vehicles loaded with sound and lighting equipment and had 12 employees on my staff.  As an entrepreneur, I was in charge of sales / marketing / networking / and every other aspect of running a business.  I quickly learned that serving on Boards within my industry gave me credibility and solid business contacts throughout San Diego.   I am very aware of how every little Fee / License / fine – etc – can impact the bottom line of any business and as a City Councilman for Oceanside, I will do my role in decreasing the cost to run a business.
  2. Have you ever campaigned for or served in public office previously? If so, what did you accomplish to promote a vibrant economy and create jobs. I am a first time Candidate, however, I had intentions to run for Oceanside City Council in 2014, but I was asked by the 2 incumbent Republicans to consider stepping aside in that race since they were already of my political persuasion.
  3. With respect to the office you currently seek, how do the policies handled by the office impact the economy? City Council will vote on legislation and set fees for City services that can have a cumulative effect on Small Businesses as well as individual citizens.  I believe in Small Government and will seek out any opportunities to lower the cost of living in or doing business in the City of Oceanside.
  4. What is the annual budget of the office and the agencies of which it is a member or oversees?

The City of Oceanside has an annual budget of approximately $380 million of total operating funds of which $131 million is in the general budget.


  1. How do you plan to improve the efficiency of the office sought and the agencies of which it is a member or oversees? I will look for overlaps in duties and procedures, and look towards long term liabilities with a goal to promote local small businesses for any services that can be contracted out to avoid long term unfunded pensions.  I will work to put an end to manipulative policies and practices that allow City employees to “game the system” and create pension abuses that affect the long term City budget and burdens our citizens with unfair obligations. Congressman Darrell Issa recently addressed this issue at a local community meeting and was met with a supportive applause.
  2. How do you plan to use the office to encourage economic growth, prosperity and job creation?

I plan to seek out opportunities to solicit new businesses to see Oceanside as a valuable location for doing business in a growing Beach City with a rise in tourism as we continue to develop new attractions and lodging for our city.  I also plan to help businesses already here to grow in place with whatever partnership opportunities we can create with Beach City activities that will bring in tourism from outside the area as well as help Oceanside become a local favorite weekend destination for families all around San Diego County and Southern California looking for public events and activities.




  1. Please list all public offices previously held (appointed or elected). No Public office previously held – which I believe this election cycle is a plus since 4 of the 5 members of City Council have held the same office for 16 or more years and I continually hear from Oceanside Citizens that the City is long overdue for some new influence.  One incumbent in particular has had a lot of bad press over the last couple of years for constantly being a voice of disdain and source of contention on every issue.  There is a cry from the public to bring “civility” back to the Oceanside City Council and everyone knows that one incumbent up for re-election is consistently at the heart of most problems on the current council.   I have however, served on numerous Leadership Boards within my industry, as well as served on the Parent / Teacher Board at my daughter’s school, so I am recognized as a “leader” in my community.
  2. How many voters do you expect to vote in your election and how many of them do you think currently have a positive opinion of you? Why? There were approximately 60,000 votes cast for City Council in 2014, in which I would expect more votes in a Presidential Election year.  I have a Grass Roots presence being a Disc Jockey in Oceanside / North County for over 20 years, being involved with many business owners through networking, being a Co-founder and Current Co-Director of the Tri-City Tea Party, and most recently, a highly visible Positive media presence over the past few months as the Founder and Organizer of the #HugThePolice movement throughout San Diego County.


  1. How much money do you intend to raise, what is your plan to meet this goal, and how will you execute your plan? I have been advised that this race could cost between $30,000 and $60,000 to win.  I am actively participating in small “in-home” coffee meet and greet to personally introduce myself to voters.  This method has been very success at reaching people who may know of me – but may not know where I stand on issues.  With each private event, we are able to schedule more events in other homes to duplicate this effort.  I am also utilizing social media to reach out in ways that are more in-sync with younger voters, which the other candidates in my race are not connected.  I do not believe that the “old school of thought” that you have to spend Tens of Thousands of dollars on slate mailers and printed media applies if you can reach those same people with an effective social media campaign and walking precincts, which is much less costly.  I honestly believe that the “free media coverage” I have gotten through the #HugThePolice movement has already been effective at name recognition within the community that has much more value than throw away mailers that may not even get read by the voters.  I plan to raise $20,000 – $30,000 and use those funds effectively on Yard Signs and Social Media.  We are already placing signs on private property and working with a team on a plan to place signs on public areas in the 30 days leading up to the election. 
  2. Describe how your biography makes you qualified for the office. People respect and respond to my status as a Veteran, and a businessman.  I am known in the community as someone who is involved with business and social networking.  I have been doing public speaking engagements as a candidate since April at various clubs across Oceanside and North County and have been received as a breath of fresh air in local politics as someone with enthusiasm and vision for our City.  I have been married to an Oceanside native for 24 years and gained creditability as someone connected to Oceanside.  I am approachable, and I reach out to people all around me to let them know I am running for office. I am not shy or too judgmental to start up a conversation with anyone within 3 feet of me.  People respond well to meeting someone running for office who is approachable, enthusiastic, and sincere. 
  3. Describe your grassroots support and how you plan to expand upon it. I served on my daughter’s school Parent Teacher Board at Tri-City Christian School for many years and have a network of parents who support my run for office.  I have visited the Oceanside / Carlsbad Republican Women’s Federated groups on many occasions since April and have their support.  The Ocean Hills Republican Club just held a fundraiser for me and 2 other candidates (Jack Feller and Jim Gibson) on August 27th.  As the Co-Director and frequent emcee at the Tri-City Tea Party for the last 6 years, I have led many meetings and earned the respect of the membership, which we have over 900 members who receive our newsletter and average around 80 to 120 people who attend our monthly meetings in person.  Lastly, my name is spoken on the radio and I am interviewed almost daily on am760 radio with Brett Winterble, who speaks highly of me even when I am not on the air with him because of my efforts behind #HugThePolice. We have already had 17 successful events throughout San Diego County in the last 6 weeks.  I encourage you to explore #HugThePolice on our very active Facebook page:  me/hugthepolicesd to see how this amazing movement has affected the San Diego Community and the various Law Enforcement Agencies we have visited with our highly publicized events.  I have been building a huge Social Media following and will pull that influence when the timing is right. 
  4. List any professional support your campaign has engaged (staff, consultants, treasurer, polling, etc). I have Dean Szabo as my Treasurer and advisor.  He successfully won his election and re-election to serve on the Oceanside School Board of Trustees.  I am also consulting as needed with Ben Sullivan (Central Committee), Saundra Waeker (Central Committee and President of the Oceanside Republican Women’s Federated), Judy Reese (Central Committee and President of the Oceanside Republican Federated), Lee Demeo (Central Committee), Debbie Lenson (Central Committee), Jack Feller (Oceanside City Councilman), Jerry Kern (Oceanside City Councilman), and Gary Felien (Former Oceanside City Councilman and Former Central Committee Treasurer).  While most of these individuals do not have an “official” position on my campaign, they have all offered unlimited advice and support to help me get elected.  I have already received the Official Endorsement of the Republican Party of San Diego County, as well as received volunteer help from the Oceanside / Carlsbad Republican Women’s Federated and Ocean Hills Republican Clubs who have already been making telephone calls on my behalf reading a script that Dean Szabo and I have written to introduce my name and platform issues to registered Republicans in each precinct.  Our efforts to put out yard signs over the past month have been very successful and we are heading into precinct walking next week to cover all of Oceanside before November.
  5. How do you think your strength as a candidate compares to the strength of your opponents?

My biggest strength is that I am a Positive force in the community.  I speak with purpose and help people understand that I am here to serve my Community.  At every speaking engagement, I emphasize that I come to this election with a humble heart and from a place of service. That humble message really connects with people in the audience, as I get told in person after every public appearance that they are glad to see a breath of fresh air in local politics.  I talk about a Vision for Oceanside with a message of “Vision Driven Results”.  I have a positive message that people are hungry for and I speak in a sincere manner that connects with people and inspires them.  I also humbly ask for people to support incumbent Jack Feller and Mayoral Candidate Jim Gibson to bring a solid conservative majority and civility back to the Oceanside City Council.  This sincere humility is well received and shows a team attitude towards improving Oceanside.




  1. Describe the differences in policy positions between your opponents and yourself.

I pledge to act responsibly in conducting City business for the benefit of ALL Citizens in a positive way that connects to people.  One of the incumbent opponents has been seen by the community at public meetings as being very negative and uncivil, and there is a strong cry from the community for a fresh positive persona on the Council.  I am for a Positive Vision and Growth for Oceanside, and I am for standing up against policies that create unnecessary red tape and fees on our citizens who live and conduct business in Oceanside.


  1. Describe the differences in leadership style between your opponents and yourself.

I believe in a Team approach where everyone wins when we Start from Common Ground and build from there.  The citizens of Oceanside have seen a Council over the last 2 years that has been plagued with embarrassing moments of contention and a complete lack of civility.  There is a huge call for New Positive leadership in Oceanside.  I am a genuine mediator and plan to use my charisma and speaking abilities to unite citizens behind policies that promote positive growth for our City and help the Citizens of Oceanside feel pride and ownership of our successes.


  1. Describe the differences in experience between your opponents and yourself.
    My experience as a long term business owner and active citizen in Oceanside is received as a fresh start for the City by many groups that I have had the pleasure to address. People are frustrated with politicians who have been in office for SO long that they forget the “service” part of Public Service.  This is the “year of the Outsider” in politics and people are ready for a Positive change and yearn for someone who can bring balance and civility back to the Oceanside City Council.  I am that person and I would be honored to earn your support and endorsement.


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